Elephant pillow for baby

Elephant pillow for baby has become an adore by mums in the recent past.

First,they are cute in their design, making the plush doll an appealing item to have in your Kids room.
elephant pillow for baby
They come in different colors.Available in pink ,grey, blue and orange,you are spoiled for choice,You won’t miss a color that matches your kids room overall outlook.

With a silk soft texture,Kids will like the awesome feel on their skin as they sleep.Kids like to cuddle with things.This is a cool doll for them to play and cuddle with.

It has been found that stuffed animal dolls like this elephant pillow for baby draws emotions from Kids such as love and tender care.

Stuffed animal toys like this plush elephant can help your Kids learn terms faster,like “give”,”Mine”,”elephant”,”animal” and many more,

You could use this elephant pillow for baby as a throw pillow too.Have fun with your young one by throwing it across between you and the kid.

Keep it in your living room for easy access by your kids whenever they need to play

How big is this elephant pillow

The elephant pillow is almost the size as that of a toddler 3 months old.It can work for ages between 3 months to 3 years.Past this age the kid could use this pillow as a toy or pass it on to other sibling behind Him/her


elephant pillow for baby

What are other alternative to the plush elephant pillow

We have a led Ted Bear that would light up in the dark.These Ted bear is a good alternative to the long nose elephant pillow in that it has a lighting extra.It’s a perfect plush toy for Kids who fear the dark when the light goes off.Good for cuddling and Keeps your kid entertained.

We find that Kids sleep quite easily while in a company of either of these animal stuffed toys.dolls

If you are into elephant curated products,an elephant throw blanket for kids could go along way into complementing your elephant pillow.

These swaddle blanket is most suitable for infants ages below one year.

Is Baby elephant pillow safe for infants


The elephant pillow is carefully sewn and the material itself is very soft.There are no hanging items that Kids could swallow like buttons.Kids can easily turn around on it while at sleep.

The soft silk like material is very safe to your baby’s gum or teeth if they have started developing some.

What is the cost of this plush toy

Fairly cheap for what you get from this doll.

you can get these 65 cm elephant pillows at only $30 .For these reduced price,you could get two for purposes of exchanging from time to time,especially when it comes to cleaning,you could clean one while the Kid continues to sleep and enjoy the other.

What is the cleaning procedure?

Pour cold water into a bucket.We use baking soda to make a cleaning solution but you could use any other detergent that you  use to clean fleece material.

Sink the baby elephant pillow into your solution.Give it a span of thirty minutes for the solution to work on the dirt on the plush toy.

Then squeeze the elephant pillow severally to remove to force out dirt within and on top of the pillow.

Rinse with clean water and air dry.

Air drying allows the baby elephant pillow return to its original construction as the sun sucks out all the water from the stuffing material

But I do not have a kid

This long nose elephant pillow is a perfect gift for Baby showers, or even room decorations as well as  photography props.